How To Choose The Ultimate Beachwear?

Dec 16 , 2022

Lucerne Labidou

How To Choose The Ultimate Beachwear?

Summertime means escaping from our incredibly hectic, career-driven lives and visiting the beaches to sip some Pina Coladas. It is indeed the time to show off the summer body you have been working so hard to achieve. However, beachwear should not be limited to a t-shirt with a palm print and a sarong on top of a bikini. It is about feeling confident but at ease, beautiful but still you.

Below, we have discussed how to choose the ultimate beachwear!

  • Keep it shining: Choose lively hues by striving for summery colors like yellow, orange, pink, or blue in bikinis, swimsuits, dresses, or beach gowns. It will bring a cheery vibe to the overall look. An excellent alternative is pastel colors. However, avoid anything with excessive beading or glitter; experiment with pastel colors by combining them with bulky accessories.
  • Patchwork leads the way: Take the 'patchwork' fashion to the beach. You may utilize the patches on jeans, shoes, and wallets on your beachwear. Berries, ice lollies, sunglasses, beer, and pineapple patches are a lot of fun. Patches with seashells, fishes, and waves will perfectly reflect your holiday spirit. Alternatively, you can use them to make your footwear or other accessories stand out.
  • Prints, prints, prints: The season's must-have prints will undoubtedly enhance your beach wardrobe. Instead of sticking with the tired stripes, choose beachy graphics and images like coral, starfish, or basic prints of palm trees, turtles, or palm islands. Another wonderful approach to looking stunning on the beach is to wear an ombre beach dress, wrap-around, long skirt, or big shirt.
  • Take it easy with a one-piece swimsuit: If wearing a bikini makes you uncomfortable, wear a one-piece suit instead. It might be a smart choice if you intend to swim laps or participate in water aerobics because one-piece suits are frequently better for workouts. If desired, you explore one-piece swimsuits with bold details like side cutouts, a deep v-neck, a low back, one strap, or none at all.
  • Run about in your swimsuit to ensure it fits you properly: You may move around, squat, do a jumping jack, and bend over. Try a range of movements to ensure the swimsuit does not come off, scrunch up, or expose you while you move in it. For instance, it is not a good idea if the swimsuit gathers up along your back while you walk. Also, opt for a swimsuit that is lined well and is not see-through.
  • Dark hues are less noticeable, while light colors catch the eye: Dark colors should be used to diminish the part of your body you wish to hide, and light colors to emphasize the area you would like to stand out or highlight. For instance, you may wear a black bikini bottom with a vivid red top to accentuate your top. Alternatively, wear a navy top and white bottoms to accentuate your bottom.

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