Understanding the Festive Attire Dress Code

Dec 19 , 2022

Lucerne Labidou

Understanding the Festive Attire Dress Code

How many times have you had trouble planning your outfit despite the dress code being mentioned? It may have gotten so bad that you may have even thought about where you can enroll in classes to learn the basics of each dress code and what it entails. Well, you are at the right place; in this article, we’ll help you understand the festive attire dress code. We also discuss how to improvise your outfit according to the dress code at hand. 

1. Find your own style: Firstly, you must look into your own style and decipher the meaning of 'festive' for yourself. Determine how you want to dress for festive office parties and celebrations like Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving.

The things you need to consider to put together a festive-themed outfit are the clothes' color, textures, and patterns. For instance, you can make your outfit more lively and unique by incorporating pastel hues. Moreover, using different textiles for different seasons and occasions can help you amp up your festive wardrobe. For example, using soft, plush velvet in winter instead of georgette and chiffon-dominated summer styles gives more meaning to your Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

2. For women: There is a huge variety available in the market tailored to women’s festive attire. There is a diaspora of options to choose from depending on the occasion and the look you are going for. For an office party, you can wear a two-piece set with textured bottoms for a safer, more professional look. You can also pair it with boots in winter or heels in summer to elevate your look. At festivals and weddings, you can try a unique color or have fun with several combinations. If you belong to two or more ethnicities, embracing your home roots by giving them a western twist can also do wonders for your look!

Remember, accessorizing is the key to a great look, whether regular or festive. You can wear heavy earrings with a dress and more plated-down statement pieces with a two-piece set to gather eyeballs.

3. For men: The options are limited when it comes to textures and clothing pieces, but you can style the same pieces differently depending on the occasion. Suits are a safe bet as they can make you look put-together and presentable, even at the last minute. You can also experiment with different cuts or color combinations when styling suits rather than sticking to the more comfortable, conventional choices. Try unique materials like corduroy, velvet, or some other cloth of your liking, keeping it minimalistic yet fun!

If you aren’t afraid of taking chances and getting a little wild here and there, you can also try statement bowties, neck scarves, or colorful pocket squares to amp up the outfit without making it too boring and flat. 

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